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Panflute, Piano, Violin and Synth in Jazz

The first who ever introduced, experienced and developed the possibilities of panflute in jazz. His first album "Pan pipe In Jazz" has been released back in 1978. Panflutist, pianist, composer, arranger and producer, Catalin Tircolea also released albums with classical, pop and folk music as well. Visiting this site you can encounter and listen the various aspects of a dedicated musician.

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Variations, 1979, Ariola, with Rick van der Linden – Soloist, Composer

A world premiere. Music played for the first time in the history of music by panflute and synth. Works of: Bach, Purcell, Lennon/McCartney, v. d. Linden, Tircolea, etc..



Olteni & Caval, Nai, 1982, Electrecord

Olteni & Caval.mp3

Ciocirlia – Nai, 1982, Electrecord


Compilation – Nai, 1982, Electrecord


Windy – Im Zauberreich des Pan, 1979, Pandora


Compilation – Colinde, 1996, Roton


Badinerie – J. S. Bach – Variations, 1979, Ariola


Leise Rieselt der Schnee – Panfluit in Kerstfeer, 1980, Discovery

Leise Rieselt der Schnee.mp3

Moon Sonata – Beethoven – Panflute an Organ II, 1980, Delta

Moon Sonata.mp3

Tambourine – J. Ph. Rameau – Panflute and Organ I, 1979, Satyr


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