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In June 2024 the album “Lelitz A Jazz” receives The Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania’s award in the jazz section.

A new album is released in November 2023 entitled “Lelitz A Jazz”. The twenty-ninth album in the discography of the artist.

Songs like “I Heard Django”, “Hop U 2”, “Latin Heart”, “Str8 No Jokes”, “Grooving Nah, Nah, Nah”, etc., give a very special color to the album, with a lot of dynamism, emotion, warmth and multiple spectacular solos. It is a jazz album, which includes styles such as: fusion, classic jazz, latin jazz, r&b jazz, hip-hop jazz, funk jazz, crossover, ballads, etc.

Among the special guests of this album are Decebal Bădilă, Nicu Patoi, Simon Phillinganos, Michael Pontelli, Guillerme Sanchez, Dana Caraman, Phil Davis and City Horns Section.

In November 2022, a new album has been released. “The Nostalgia Of The Paradise”. It is an album of symphonic music created in the style of trailer music, the third after “The Son Of Man” and “Ison”. The special guest on this album is the soprano Andreea Carmen Marin.

“Ison” is the twenty-seventh album of Catalin Tircolea and it had appeared May, 2021. It includes the symphonic triptych “Leaving Ison”, “Far from Ison” and “Back to Ison”, as well as the string quartet “Elucidations”.

On November 27, 2020 appeared the most important work of Catalin Tircolea, the symphonic poem “The Son of Man”, materialized in an album with the same title. It is the twenty-sixth in the artist’s discography.

On May, 3 2019, the 24th album of C. Tircolea’s discography and his first jazz solo album is released. The album “Feel the Love” can be downloded here:

Yesterday, March 8 2019 he was awarded The 2018 Composers and and Musicologists’ Union Award for the best jazz song “Daksha” from “Synvionai 3” album.

Today, May 21st 2018, Catalin Tircolea’s 23rd album “Life as a Sound” has been released. The album can be downloded here:

The third volume of the trilogy “SYNVIONAI” has just been released. Among guest: Decebal Badila, Cristian Soleanu, Eugen Popescu Doreanu, Nicu Patoi, Silviu Albei, Michael Pontelli, Phil Davies, etc..

It can be purchase from this site at Shop.

The whole album, or separate tracks, can be downloaded in iTunes format at any iTunes store online.

The album will be soon release in HD Audio 192khz/24bits. For order:


The third volume of the “ALTER EGO” project initiated in 1998, the 21st album in artist’s discography has just been released. Among guests: Macke, Nico, Berti Barbera, Simona Nae and others.

The whole album, or separate tracks, can be downloaded in iTunes format at any iTunes store online.

The album will be soon release in HD Audio 192khz/24bits. For order:


“SYNVIONAI II” has recently been awarded with The Union of Romanian Composers and Musicians Prize for “Best Jazz Album in 2010”!

Award Gala will be held on Friday, February 25, at Cantacuzino Palace in Bucharest.


The twentieth album of Catalin Tircolea, “SYNVIONAI II” has just been released.

The opening for “SYNVIONAI II” will be on Friday, november 12, 2010, 6 pm, at Palatul Cantacuzino, Calea Victoriei nr.141. Presented by Florian Lungu.


12.01.2009. The Mirela Zafiri’s album “Colinde pentru Mama”, has just been released. An album produced by C. Tircolea

In 2008, Synvionai has been awarded The Union of Romanian Composers and Musicians prize for “Best jazz album of the year 2007”.

Recently C. Tircolea has finished Mirela Zafiri’s “Colinde Pentru Mama” album, as performer, arranger and producer. The album is due to be release at the end of this year.

CT also intend to release this year his 20th album called “Synvionai II”. A continuation of his awarded album “Synvionai”.

Compositions of C. Tircolea will be perform on regurarly basis by POLDI BIG BAND from Germany, a spokeman of the band has announced. Also an album with these compositions is going to be release sometime next year.


Catalin Tircolea plays on Babanu panflutes – contact Marin Babanu at: 0040-1-0761-237711

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